Sunday Motivation

13 01 2013














New to Blogging

9 01 2013

So I am new to the blogging scene. I decided to start writing so I could have something I would be able to look back on and see how far I have progressed. I have been reading a few different blogs in the Health & Fitness category and they have inspired me to create my own.

Here is a little background. I am in the United States Air Force and I am currently deployed. I am married to the best woman in the world. She is my inspiration and motivation. I have two dogs (Max and Jake) and two cats (Fender and Gibson).

Here is a pic of my Wife and I with our Dogs

This picture was taken a week before I deployed

My goal for this blog is to track my Fitness progression, and I will probably go on rants here and there because sometimes I need to vent, whether it’s about work, the military in general, idiots at the gym or movies that I have watched. I have been pretty serious about my health since I have deployed. I told my wife Chesney before I left that I would come back with a 6-pack. I’m not talking about beer, but a 6-pack of Magic Hat #9 sounds great right now.

It has been 4 months since I left and I have dropped about 12lbs and I am seeing my abs. I am excited about my results. I have a couple of months to go, and I am already in the best shape I’ve been in a while.