I’m A Coffee Drinker Now!

12 01 2013

I have finally acquired the taste for coffee. When I told my wife that I started drinking coffee, she says “it’s about time”. Before this deployment I would drink coffee with my her on occasion, but when I did I would load it down with sugar and creamer. If we were at a coffee place, I would always get an iced coffee or Frappe.

Now the only way I drink it is black. I started drinking it to help me stay awake at work. I work 12 to 13 hours a day six days a week on this deployment. I’m also on an off shift(Midnight to Noon-ish). Since I started drinking it, I began to do some research. There are alot of benefits to drinking coffee, here is an Infographic that I found that is full of info.
Coffe Infographic

I read an article in Men’s Health that drinking a cup of black coffee is great for a Pre-Workout. I train in the morning in a fasted state, and I have noticed that drinking some coffee before I head to the gym gives me plenty of energy through out my session. I don’t take other pre-workouts like N0-Xplode, C4, or Jack3d. In my opinion they are a waste of money, but that just me. Coffee seems to work just fine and it’s easier on the wallet.

On another note, I used my creative side to make my plain coffee cup more my style.

My wife said she is happy that I drink coffee now. I can’t wait to get home and enjoy a morning cup on our patio with her. It’s amazing the little things that I miss being away from home. I just wish a had more variety of coffee over here.




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