Insanity Round 2

10 01 2013


After a month break, I am back to doing Insanity by beachbody. I am currently in the last week of Month one. Here is a little back story of why I had to take the break. When I started doing Insanity almost 2 months ago, my goal was to finish the program without missing a day. Well when I was almost done with the first month. I injured my right ankle pretty bad playing basketball. I thought I just twisted it.

So when I got back to my room, I iced it and kept it elevated.

When I woke up the next morning, I knew that I needed to have it looked at. I couldn’t put any weight on it. When I went to the clinic the Doc told me she was certain that I broke it, but after the X-Rays I found out that it was a severe sprain. If it was broken I would have been sent home, and that wouldn’t have looked good on my record. Well they hooked me up with a soft cast and told me to stay off for a couple weeks.

It took about 2 weeks until I was able to get back in the gym. While I was injured I did my best to stay active without further injuring my ankle. Let me tell you, it was hard being out of my usual routine. I did everything the Doctor told me and made sure I did my rehab exercises everyday. On Christmas day I was able to run in the Jingle Bell 5k that was hosted by the base.

I finished in 21:23 and received a shirt

Even though I was able to run the 5k, I still didn’t feel confident enough in my ankle to perform some movements that Insanity required. So in the meantime I just stuck with my weight lifting/cardio routine that I started. Last week I had the chance to run my first 10k race. Out of the 200 or so people who signed up I finished in the top 20 @ 43:17. I also got a shirt for that race, but I was pretty bummed that the short doesn’t say 10k anywhere on it.

So this brings us up to now. I started back doing Insanity 4 days ago. I backed tracked a few days in the program and now I am back to where I left off. This program is not called Insanity for no reason. Every workout is tough, but I love it. When I leave the gym, I am soaked in sweat. The main thing I love about doing any program like this is that there is structure. I kinda like being told what to do when it comes to working out. I have done P90x in the past, but I never finished it. I kinda got bored with it. I did not like how long some of the sessions were, and I didn’t have all of the equipment that was required. I also didn’t like my living room smelling like a locker room.

With Insanity, all you need is a TV, a bottle of water, and a towel becuse you will sweat puddles. If I was to do Insanity at home, I would have to set it up in my garage, which isn’t a bad idea, I may do that when I get home. Insantity requires only bodyweight to do, and it’s considered High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT). That means you will be getting your heartrate up doing quick burst of different exercises. Studies have shown that Interval training has the ability to burn fat faster than doing just regular cardio. I will post some before pictures and current pictures later on this week.





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